The ancient and indigenous instruments of planet Earth bring us closer to our true source, our spirit and remind us that we are part of the Universe’s frequency and that frequency is Love.

From the age of 19 Vaughan experimented with ambient sounds and indigenous instruments, and soon realised a passion and affinity for African drums and drumming. This passion opened a journey with the Djembe and Didgeridoo – both these powerful instruments instilled a deep love and respect for the indigenous instruments of the world. Vaughan plays a myriad of instruments which include the Didgeridoo, Hang, Tongue Drum, Embira, Sansula and Jaw Harp, as well as a large array of drums and percussion. All these instruments are considered to be sacred tools for healing and transformation.

Vaughan intuitively understands the sacred healing frequency that resides in all the ancient instruments and has 20 years of experience in sound therapy. Besides working alone he has collaborated with Courtney Ward many other sound therapists.

As a leading West African drum teacher and facilitator with more than 18 years of experience, an extensive rhythm and multipart ensemble collection has been developed. He is a drum music composer that is inspired by many of the world’s rhythm traditions. Drumming assists us to connect deeply with ourselves and ultimately connect those drumming in a group in a profound way by removing barriers and division.