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If you came to love the body you have, exactly as it is right now, what greatness could you achieve?                  

Take a moment to think about the resources – time, money, physical, emotional and mental energy – that have gone into changing, modifying and reining in your body, not from a place of love, but because of a belief that there is something wrong with it. Because you think it needs to be fixed. That it should be smaller, bigger, leaner, curvier, smoother…

Every single woman needs to do some healing regarding her body, be it how she perceives and relates to her body, how she feels about it, how she treats it, how she experiences it, as well as the traumas it has been through. Our bodies are generally unappreciated because we have very little understanding of how magnificent they are and  what they were designed for. Your body is so much more than a thing to drape clothes on. OUR BODIES ARE AMAZING IN WAYS YOU COULD NEVER HAVE IMAGINED.


The best way to improve how you treat anything is by increasing your appreciation of it. When you perceive something as valuable, you easily and effortlessly begin to treat it as such.

This year’s unfuck yourself retreat is dedicated to exactly that – shifting your attitude towards your body from self-criticism to self-celebration. 

We have various experts dedicated to:

  • Teaching you about the wonders of your body,
  • Creating space for you to have first hand experiences of how wonderful your body truly is, 
  • Supporting you in healing and transforming your relationship with your body,

and most importantly we have created numerous opportunities to simply celebrate and enjoy our bodies exactly where they are right now.

If you are ready to change your relationship with your body, so you can optimise its vitality, wisdom, pleasure and power on a physical, mental, emotional and physical level join us on the Unfuck Yourself Retreat: Love The Body You Have